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  It is done.  
From: Tim Nikias
Date: 15 Oct 2004 09:15:54
Message: <416fcd8a@news.povray.org>
The entry is finished, the frames rendered, the animation encoded. My PC is
just running one last time through all the files to check if the ZIP that
holds all the sources is self-contained, and then it's off to the IRTC!

A few stats:
4025 frames at 320x240 BMP = 940 MB required space on the HD, 884 MB in
actual size.
4025 / 25 = 161 seconds!
30 MB worth of meshes generated by a few kb of script...

Can't estimate the rendering time accurately, but roughly around 48 hours or
so on a 2.4GHz Athlon XP with 786 MB RAM, Win2000.

I'm wondering if it would harm if I post the "Poster" on p.b.i...? Last time
I showed a pic before the IRTC, I think I didn't get as much points as if
image had been new to the jury. At least one comment said that it didn't
have the same shocking impact at 2nd viewing... With this entry, I'd rather
keep it a surprise...

"Tim Nikias v2.0"
Homepage: <http://www.nolights.de>

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