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  Re: Rendering started!  
From: Tim Nikias
Date: 8 Oct 2004 05:33:24
Message: <41665ee4$1@news.povray.org>
> I know you're quite talented in many facets of povving.

Oh, hm, thanks for the praise... *turns red*

> But never put a
> "protagonist" in mind with your kind of work.  Have you shared a still of
> your protagonist anywhere?

Nope, I haven't, to keep it a surprise for the IRTC. But mind you that it is
not really a full-fledged character. I started late and had no
animation-macros and whatnot before I started. So, in order to keep my life
simple, I stuck to something which is easier to animate. I mentioned
somewhere in a thread that the Duel is about a Jet and an UFO...

I do want to create some sort of character for later animations though. I
had (and still have) lots of fun making this short, and I think with an
animatable character I could do much, much more.

> As for myself, I always dream up a plot that takes 5 minutes to tell, and
> then don't fully develop it even in one minute.

Heh, yeah, I know. My plot changed several times throughout animation as I
went through it again and again to check for parts that weren't needed or
overly difficult to animate. After all, there's only so much time... But I
just crossed the 2 minute line yesterday! But found that I'll have to
rerender a few scenes...

"Tim Nikias v2.0"
Homepage: <http://www.nolights.de>

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