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  Re: Voting?  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 18 Jul 2004 17:58:17
Message: <40faf279@news.povray.org>
Stephen McAvoy wrote:

> Sorry Markus, I did not make myself clear. 
> What method do people use to rank the entries? What does one look for
> in an animation Etc?

I think there are as many approaches to voting as there are voters...
Personally, i start out with 10 points = average for every film, 
and add/subtract from that. I tend to consider "effort" for each 
area, so for example a spectacular effect alone that's part of 
some advanced software package doesn't warrant an extra bonus 
(NB: in my opinion). An "average" result done with hard-to-master 
tools, on the other hand, earns a bonus with me.
- If someone uses high-end tools, i expect to see an over all 
high-end result... :-)
- It's sometimes|often hard to separate the artistic/tech/concept 

A few things that tick me off to no end:
- ripped soundtracks from "commercial" music without even 
mentioning it (apart from the fact that this could get the web 
host into trouble...). I don't mind if someone uses connections 
to get permission or something, but then this should go into the 
- these people that give absolutely no description at all

Things i like (mostly because i've not mastered them for myself ;-):
- good timing
- detailed models
- smooth and/or on-topic animations
- camerawork

I like a nice soundtrack, but remember that's not to be part of 
the voting! So your animation should better "work" with speakers 
off, too...

I rate all movies in one sitting (not submitting the result yet), 
and repeat that the next day to see if my ratings change.

I add comments. Be fair, but also be honest. I like getting 
comments (whenever i enter...), and i like to comment on the 
comments for my work later in the newsgroup or on the mailing 
list once voting is complete.

As for artistic... remember, "odd looking" doesn't necessarily 
mean it's modern art - maybe it's really just a bad movie after 
all ;-)

Just some starting points. As i said, that's how i go about it. 
Your way of voting may be totally different.


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