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  Re: is this a good program for newbies?  
From: Ben T  Scheele
Date: 9 Jul 2004 01:01:36
Message: <40ee26b0$1@news.povray.org>
Hey Randy,
    I don't know how much success you would have learning to use POV-Ray
with the intention of doing web design, unless you are a very patient,
determined person.  I know it can be used for that; just look at my
webpage.  I used a combination of POV-Ray and Photoshop to create all
the graphics on my webpage.  I started using it a few years earlier in
order to create 3D computer graphics as a hobby, and I am now able to
use the SDL (scene description language) to do my homework, real work,
and have a lot of fun with it.  What does graphics experience mean
anyways?  I'd say if you have plenty of time and a good computer you can
do it.  Since you've found these newsgroups, you're off to a good start.
Make sure to study the scene files here diligently, ask questions, look
through some tutorials (such as the Lohmuellers'), and also read the
extensive documentation included with the program along the way.  Try to
have fun with it, play with it, and make some cool art as you go.  Good

Ben Scheele
Silmarillion: Ben's World

"randy" <whi### [at] mchsicom> wrote in message
> I have very little graphics experience buit would like to learn a
> for web page design?

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