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  Re: is this a good program for newbies?  
From: Francois Labreque
Date: 8 Jul 2004 18:48:01
Message: <40edcf21$1@news.povray.org>
Program ended abnormally on 08/07/2004 11:02, Due to a catastrophic randy error:
> I have very little graphics experience buit would like to learn a program
> for web page design?

Unfortunately, you seem to be in the wrong place for that.

You're welcome to stay onboard, but I'm afraid that you are more likely to learn 
about raytracing and the POV-ray software than about web design.

/*Francois Labreque*/#local a=x+y;#local b=x+a;#local c=a+b;#macro P(F//
/*    flabreque    */L)polygon{5,F,F+z,L+z,L,F pigment{rgb 9}}#end union
/*        @        */{P(0,a)P(a,b)P(b,c)P(2*a,2*b)P(2*b,b+c)P(b+c,<2,3>)
/*   videotron.ca  */}camera{orthographic location<6,1.25,-6>look_at a }

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