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  Re: it's a question of copyright ...  
From: Warp
Date: 5 Feb 2004 04:09:30
Message: <4022084a@news.povray.org>
Duncan Gray <dun### [at] eclipsecouk> wrote:
> Anyone else having problems coming up with an anim for the theme 
> "Classic Sci-Fi" without treading on copyright issues?

  Make it a satire and you shouldn't have a problem... :)

  (Of course if the copyright owner really wants to sue you, you may have
hard time proving to the court that it really was a satire.)

plane{-x+y,-1pigment{bozo color_map{[0rgb x][1rgb x+y]}turbulence 1}}
sphere{0,2pigment{rgbt 1}interior{media{emission 1density{spherical
density_map{[0rgb 0][.5rgb<1,.5>][1rgb 1]}turbulence.9}}}scale
<1,1,3>hollow}text{ttf"timrom""Warp".1,0translate<-1,-.1,2>}//  - Warp -

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