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  Re: The IRTC Animations T-shirt at zazzle.  
From: Greg M  Johnson
Date: 19 Jan 2004 22:41:03
Message: <400ca34f$1@news.povray.org>
One point is that when a kid buys an "Incredible Hulk" T-Shirt, he'd be
happy with a correctly shaded Hulk on a white background, he probably
wouldn't care whether Hulk cast a photorealstic shadow on a wooden floor.


I've posted to the binaries group an updated plan (of course not five copies
of my character!).

Here's the plan:

Folks who want to enter would submit a rendering of their character.  First
they'd scale it so that its height approximates 200 cm=83 pov units, or that
a heroic human male would have a height of 83 units.  Then they'd place
their character in a scene with

/*light_source{ <12000,10000,0> rgb 1 rotate 0*y  }
light_source{ <12000,10000,0> rgb 1 rotate 120*y   }
light_source{ <12000,10000,0> rgb 1 rotate 240*y  }
camera{location <0,100,-350>  look_at<0,80,0> angle 45}
background{rgb 1}

and position their character so its "feet" are on a nonexistent y=0 plane,
then translated to <40-SomeNumber, 0,0>.

You can intensify or dim the lights or if you're smart find some way to add
an interesting background to reflect off of that isn't in the image, but you
should keep the above params.  The rendering would be something huge (don't
do it *yet*), but the pasting of images together, if they don't overlap,
should be easy.

If we get a spaceship, we can have it flying overhead as I estimated in that
image in p.b.i.

Rusty is a hero to many in IRTC, so he shouldn't be half-blocked out of the
picture. I don't know-- how tall **is** he?  Would an IRTC logo like I've
suggested block too much of him?  (Haven't figured this one out yet).

If we get more than 5, it's still fairly doable, I'd just have to think
about how to compose it.  I would like to ask almost all the entries in the
January round to participate.

"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] anthrosphinxde> wrote in message
> gregjohn wrote:
> > Andrew Wilcox wrote:
> >>Then there would be the problem of reflections and shadows, etc, etc.
> >>Everything kind of needs to be in a single scene.
> I disagree. While it's true that reflections and shadows
> sometimes ARE a problem, their influence on the final picture is
> greatly exaggerated ;-) I guess it's enough if all elements used
> the same lighting setup (or maybe just the rough direction -
> possibly with soft shadows, that's easier to combine in, say,
> Photoshop or Photopaint).
> > Well, there was an add for LOTR that had closeup facial photographs of
> > different characters, probably taken weeks apart.  So it is doable to
> > "sell" IRTC without having a single rendering.
> Of course it's easiest if each picture comes with an alpha
> channel, so some "generic" background could be used. Maybe a
> pov-ray source file or something as background?
> > And if we're simply showcasing the characters, rather than trying to
> > someone into thinking they're seeing a photograph, couldn't they just as
> > well rely on cutting and pasting out a particular regions of different
> > bitmap.  You just tell them to be inside box{A,B} with certain lighting
> > setup.  If we have characters (like Rusty) with reflective surfaces, we
> > could give the artists  something to reflect off of (a sky sphere, put
> > in front of the crowd but behind the letters WWW.IRTC.ORG).
> Maybe something like
> -www.irtc.org-
> --animations--
> instead of just plain www.irtc.org ?
> Just some input.
> BTW, my characters are posable ;-)
> -Markus

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