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  Re: The IRTC Animations T-shirt at zazzle.  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 19 Jan 2004 15:42:23
Message: <400c412f@news.povray.org>
gregjohn wrote:

> Andrew Wilcox wrote:

>>Then there would be the problem of reflections and shadows, etc, etc.
>>Everything kind of needs to be in a single scene.

I disagree. While it's true that reflections and shadows 
sometimes ARE a problem, their influence on the final picture is 
greatly exaggerated ;-) I guess it's enough if all elements used 
the same lighting setup (or maybe just the rough direction - 
possibly with soft shadows, that's easier to combine in, say, 
Photoshop or Photopaint).

> Well, there was an add for LOTR that had closeup facial photographs of ten
> different characters, probably taken weeks apart.  So it is doable to
> "sell" IRTC without having a single rendering.

Of course it's easiest if each picture comes with an alpha 
channel, so some "generic" background could be used. Maybe a 
pov-ray source file or something as background?

> And if we're simply showcasing the characters, rather than trying to trick
> someone into thinking they're seeing a photograph, couldn't they just as
> well rely on cutting and pasting out a particular regions of different
> bitmap.  You just tell them to be inside box{A,B} with certain lighting
> setup.  If we have characters (like Rusty) with reflective surfaces, we
> could give the artists  something to reflect off of (a sky sphere, put them
> in front of the crowd but behind the letters WWW.IRTC.ORG).

Maybe something like


instead of just plain www.irtc.org ?

Just some input.

BTW, my characters are posable ;-)


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