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From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 16 Oct 2003 14:05:12
Message: <3f8eddd8@news.povray.org>
Tom A. wrote:

> There's usually a delay before they are available.
> What I want to know - is what is the next topic.  I couldn't get enough 
> time to work on the current one, but if I get a long enough lead on the 
> next one, maybe .....
> Tom A.

The magic of FTP connect made me see the light at the end of the 
tunnel... the next topic is (spoiler? ;-)

"The End of..."

*screams* Hey admins, how can you do this to me? I've got other 
things to do than to just render all day and night, don't i? ;-)

Oh well. Back to the drawing board. Maybe something minimalistic 
like "the End of the Line"? White background, black line, camera 
move, end of line, end of film... ;-)

All exstatic about the new topic:

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