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  any recommendations for another way to encode?  
From: Edward Leibnitz
Date: 14 Mar 2003 21:46:23
Message: <3e7293ff$1@news.povray.org>
I'm entering my second animation contest ... it's already done. Hurrah!

BUT .... I'm very unhappy with the quality of the final product due to
artifacts in the codec. The other entries I've noticed in previous rounds
always look cleaner than mine!

 I'm using this method:

1] I render to tga format and then use Dave's Targa animator at 24
2] the resulting avi file is then converted into an mpg by avi2mpg

I've tried lots of different frame rates and compression quality settings
but nothing seems to make a crisp mpg file.

Is there a better way? I'm not against spending some $$$ on a good
software package, but I've got to get some advice.

Any help would be appreciated.


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