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From: argus
Date: 23 Jan 2003 09:32:20
Message: <3e2ffcf4@news.povray.org>
"Matt Beighton" <cor### [at] yahoocouk> wrote in message
> Reading the recent posts on copyright protected music has caused me
> over my current project for the journey round.  I am planning on doing an
> advert style anim. and wondered what the rules are for copyrighted brand
> names, such as an advert for Coca Cola or Fosters lager etc.  It would of
> course be in a non derogortory way, but do i need to create my own brand
> the purpose of my anim?  The only reason im trying to usea recognised
> is because I think people willr elate more to the point with a recognised
> brand.
> any views?
> cheers
> Matt

You want to learn about trademark - not copyright.
Short answer is - don't use trademarks without clear and
expicit permission. (And make it impossible to ignore that
you have permission within your accompanying text file.)

In the UK you may not have the right to use trademarks
in satirical work, parodies, or social criticism that people
in the USA do. (Or at least used to enjoy before the
conceit of 'trademark dilution' became the ruling rule.)

Just don't use trademarks unless you know you are
standing on ground made more firm than assumption
and hope.

Trademark judicial tradition requires mark holders to
vigourously defend their property and pursue trespassers
without exception. Failure to fanatically flagellate
felonious encroachment is taken as abandoment of

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