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  Re: reply from Full Throttle entrant and final word on copyright  
From: argus
Date: 22 Jan 2003 12:31:34
Message: <3e2ed576$1@news.povray.org>
"Dick Balaska" <dik### [at] buckosoftcom> wrote in message
> argus wrote:
> > BUT - the IRTC server is in Australia.
> The irtc server is in Hartford, Connecticut USA.
> At least, it was when i put it there.
> dik

Thanks for the correction.

That means that the people who physically host the server would
be subject to the safe harbor provisions of the DMCA if any
interested party makes a complaint to them and the hoster would
be protected as long as they remove the material upon demand.
It's a shoot first and determine fault later situation with consequences
only for the alleged infringer.
Since the US claims the right to prosecute anyone in the world
under American law viv a vis copyright, the entrant in this case is
vulnerable should _Machine Head_ decide to take action, or
as is more likely the RIAA, as agent for _Machine Head_, decides
to make an example of Mr. Artemenko.

As Adobe vs. Elcomsoft/Sklyarov has recently shown, any possible
defense under Russian copyright law will be irrelevant.

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