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  Comments on spinacho.mpg  
From: Greg M  Johnson
Date: 8 Feb 2002 11:01:45
Message: <3c63f669$1@news.povray.org>
Thanks for yall's comments.

>very dark

Bad cop: Hey, it's a bar!
Good cop: yeah, I know, I struggled with this for the longest time.  I
wanted it to be spookily dark, hence the use of spotlights. The problem I
ran into was that I couldn't (was unable to take time to) acheive the proper
balance: either the floor in the tables area were bleached-out white or the
fight scene were completely black.  Perhaps I acheived both detriments!  I
also wonder if this is the old mac vs. PC image darkness problem....

> looked like you ran out of ideas
> and just packed something up at
> the last minute.

The ending is imho my great idea. I probably didn't communicate it very
well, probably made it look like too much of an abrupt ending.  The whole
idea is that if you get the power to "woop" the bully, do you always need
to, to employ "overwhelming use of FORCE"--is this often "evil" itself!?
The hero, upon getting pumped up, decides that he doesn't need to sink to
the bully's level. He imagines the glory of knocking everyone of them
unconscious but then has a change of heart (shakes his head) and decides to
apologize for his part in the original altercation.  I should have made this
more of the story, perhaps with more dialogue at the end.

> Give more time to read text!

Ah, that's my *other* great error. Originally, all nine scenes were 140
frames. I wanted the important first scene to be re-rendered with 180 frames
while the scene where he hands over the can to be reduced to 100. Late in
the night before the deadline,  my "animator's assistant" misread my
poorly-worded instructions and did just the opposite.  It wasn't until the
anim was submitted that I realized this mistake. Alas!  (These two mouse
clicks btw were the only help I received during the prepration of the anim).

> movements were either too fast or too floaty.

Yeah, one was an error in the speed of the arm movement algo of the
drinkers.  I also think that if I do this again, I should use my set of blob
characters with true IK. (The problem is that these don't have as much time
invested in facial expressions --or in the ability to grow muscles!)

> boring materials,

Alas, my great weakness. I do however like the skin of the characters.

> Your previous work was pretty impressive.

Yikes, really?

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