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  Re: It seems that our friend MG has submitted again...  
From: Batronyx
Date: 24 Oct 2001 00:45:41
Message: <3bd64775@news.povray.org>
"Tom Bates" <tho### [at] homecom> wrote in message
> John VanSickle wrote:
> > Batronyx wrote:
> > >
> > > and with only six entries he will actually place with at least an
> > > honorable mention.
> >
> > Well you could still give him straight ones for his score.
> I know that MG has said some rather objectionable things in some rather
> objectionable ways, and I'm not trying to justify him in any way.
> However, when I finally submit something of my own, I hope the voters will
> judge my work based on the merits of the work, and not on how well they
> like/dislike me as a person.
> While I don't think MG's entry is the best of the batch, I don't think it's
> the worst, either.

True. It just sort of irks me that he will get some bragging rights, and
therefore very tempting to give the lowest possible score; a sort of Pyrrhic
victory. However, it _is_ "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
not "do unto others as they have 'done' unto you". Not that he ever gave me a
bad score on anything that I'm aware of. I did find his description a bit
condescending though.


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