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  [ANNOUNCE] IRTC Jan-Apr animation winners  
From: Internet Ray Tracing Competition
Date: 1 May 2001 18:07:59
Message: <3aef33bf@news.povray.org>
All the votes are in for the January-April 2001 round of the Internet Ray
Tracing Animation Competition, and the winners are:

   First place:   le_piaf (le_piaf.mpg) by hoff gilles
   Second place:  Falldown (falldown.mpg) by Peter Thomas
   Third place:   The Great Pen Mystery (ip_pen.mpg) by Ian Print

And our Honorable Mentions for this round are:

   Artistic Merit:   Trapped! (trapped.mpg) by Tim Cuthbertson
   Technical Merit:  Rosie Does Science (rds.mpg) by John VanSickle
   Concept/Theme:    Just A Mouse After A WindowsNT Crash (a_mouse.mpg) by laurent

The complete tabulated results of the public vote are available:


Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in the
competition.  Please join us for the current round!

The IRTC Admin Team

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