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  Re: anyone else having problems?  
From: Warp
Date: 21 Apr 2001 07:52:50
Message: <3ae17492@news.povray.org>
Warp <war### [at] tagpovrayorg> wrote:
:   I just tried and the download rate was about 61 kilobytes/second here.

  And this is slow, believe me.
  For example, if I download the fprot program from:
(the file is 1 302 625 bytes long) it comes at about 590 kilobytes per second.
  Now, that's fast.

#local D=array[6]{11117333955,7382340,3358,3900569407,970,4254934330}
#local I=0;#macro M()<mod(D[I],13)-6,mod(div(D[I],13),8)-3,10>#end
#while(I<6)cylinder{M()#local D[I]=div(D[I],104);M().1
pigment{rgb 9}}#local I=(D[I]>99?I:I+1);#end                /*- Warp -*/

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