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  Re: lets see if it works again  
From: Ken
Date: 5 Feb 2003 21:05:38
Message: <3E41C31C.C8E59AF6@pacbell.net>
simian wrote:

> >> Are you saying it is not a fixed number of days as with stills?
> >
> > It takes as long as the administrators--who have real lives to live--
> > take to get around to it.
>         Excuse me for asking. I haven't met a ruder group of people in my life.

But John was not being rude. He was being factual. What would be rude is if someone
told you otherwise. Truth is that rarely if ever do the competitions go exactly on
schedule nor should you expect them to, unless you enjoy being dissapointed. The
people who administer the competition do have real lives outside the competition
and sometimes it takes them an extra day or two or three to take care of processing
everything needed to update the web site.

EVERYONE who has participated in more than one of these competition periods knows
this and accepts it. Everyone I know around here does this for fun, not money.
If the administrators were paid real money for what they do they might be more
timely. If valuable prizes were awarded there would likely be less tolerance by
the participants. Neither of those conditions exist so a little tolerance is
expected on both sides of the issue. Welcome to the real world.

Ken Tyler

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