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  Re: The streak ends  
From: Adrien Beau
Date: 28 Oct 2001 05:13:27
Message: <3BDBDA45.57A5B9B8@free.fr>
Josh English wrote:
> They're not voting anyway, and I
> don't know if I can see the animations without Rusty.

Where did you hear that?

Bill Marrs wrote:
> Some of you may have noticed that there were only 6 animation entries
> accepted for the most recent 2001-10-15 round on the IRTC animation
> competition.
> [...]
> This means that we will not be giving out honorable mentions in this
> most  recent animation competition round.
> IRTC Admins

And this means there will be a vote for the three best.

Adrien Beau   adr### [at] freefr   http://adrien.beau.free.fr/

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