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  Need some expert advice  
From: Tim Glover
Date: 18 Oct 2000 14:26:02
Message: <39ede87f.6964133@news.povray.org>
Not exactly IRTC related, but seems a good place to plead my case
before experts......

I'm using POVRAY to create some short animations (data visualizations)
for work.  (Yeah, PAID to do POVRAY!)  I've done a couple before, but
I'd like some advice on picking CODECs.

I'm using DigitalSeries v1.20 by Timothy Grubb -- it does what I need
and allows me to use whatever CODECs are on the machine.  More than
good enough. (THANK YOU T. Grubb!)  The animation will be 640 X 480,
about 1 to 2 minutes (15 frames a second * 60 Sec/min*2min = 1800
frames -- many, but workable.)

I've used Indeo 3.2 CODEC with keyframe every 2 frames, compression
set at 100% (it appears this means no compression) and 3600 kbytes/sec
data throughput.  The application will be run either off CD or hard
drive, so final file size is not really a problem.  I'm looking for
minimum image distortion.  I COULD go uncompressed frames, but size
would be large.  If some optimal compression scheme could get me fair
compression without totally ghosting or smearing my images, I'd be

The short of it is.... What's your favorite CODEC and settings for
maximum clarity?

Tim Glover
Senior Geochemist
Harding-ESE, a Mactec Company
Tallahassee, FL, USA

tgl### [at] hardingcom

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