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  Re: Frame size creates difficulty for viewers  
From: Dick Balaska
Date: 24 Jul 2000 09:33:43
Message: <397C458F.95F25E70@buckosoft.com>
"Greg M. Johnson" wrote:
>  If M$ had its way, I'm sure there would be an MPEG-M$
> standard whose only benefit is that one gets to see the M$ logo each time before
> the video starts.

Yeah, and they'd prolly call it MPEG4.2 or Advanced Streaming Format.

> Peter writes:
> > I only have a black-and-white TV set at home (really). Does this
> > mean they should ban color TV? And yes, as far as *I* am
> > concerned, I am the majority :)
> In any controversy, the advocate of the bleeding edge software is wrong.

Well, MPEG-1 is hardly bleeding edge.  It's certainly a lot older than Win95
and you wouldn't call that bleeding edge.  Are you not going to buy a DVD player
because that is certainly bleeding edge.  DVD is even MPEG-2.

So what the problem really is, is that we have a non-realtime operating system(s)
driving video hardware that wouldn't know buffer flipping display lists if they
hit 'em in the face.  (Amiga - 1984 - "take this square of the screen and fetch
its display from here; now there; now here")

> Given John's restatement of the MPEG requirements, I suppose there is a little
> more weight to the idea that the video player incapable of unusual frame sizes
> is the bleeding edge.

I noticed that since you've discovered "other" mpeg players, your latest vid
is ~354x242 :)


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