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  Re: cmpeg not being nice to me  
From: Sander
Date: 17 Feb 2000 03:39:08
Message: <38abb3ac@news.povray.org>
If you use W95/98 or NT4 and haven't had any success yet, you could try my
Windows front end to CMPEG, to be found at http://stols.net .


Serge <sgl### [at] hotmailcom> schreef in berichtnieuws
> I just started using cmpeg a few days ago and test compiled a few
> animations.
> 1 - The quality is good - far better than what I was getting with
> creating avi's then using avi2mpg to convert
> 2 - It categorically rejects working if I use the framelist parameter
> which requires 0's to be padded eg:   cmpeg -t1 ipb.ctl file%02d.tga
> movie.mpg won't work, but would if I specify a file containing all the
> image filenames. Even with cut and paste, it's still a lot of manual
> typing to create the list :(
> What, if anything, can I do about this?

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