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  Re: cmpeg not being nice to me  
From: Nieminen Juha
Date: 31 Jan 2000 04:07:27
Message: <389550cf@news.povray.org>
Serge <sgl### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:
: 2 - It categorically rejects working if I use the framelist parameter
: which requires 0's to be padded eg:   cmpeg -t1 ipb.ctl file%02d.tga
: movie.mpg won't work, but would if I specify a file containing all the
: image filenames. Even with cut and paste, it's still a lot of manual
: typing to create the list :(

  Graphical GUIs like Windows have taught bad habits to people.
  The command line interpreter (usually command.com in windows) is a very
handy tool, my friend. I warmly suggest you to learn how to use it.
  I use cmpeg a lot and also have the problem of the framelist parameter not
working, so I always use the filename listing file method. The file is very
easyly created with a command like:

dir /b /on *.tga > frames.lst

):5;i&&_>1;printf("%s",_-70?_&1?"[]":" ":(_=0,"\n")),_/=2);} /*- Warp -*/

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