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  Re: Dances with Droids is coming  
From: Matt Giwer
Date: 31 Dec 1999 21:03:32
Message: <386D8A99.F78F69E@ij.net>
"Greg M. Johnson" wrote:

> I think that the challenge is always to "say more with less."  I have
> ruined IRTC entries by cramming too much stuff at the viewer.  I've worked
> on church group devotionals where everyone gets one page, and one guy
> insists that his entry is so important that he requires three pages to
> comment on two sentences of Scripture.

    Appreciate what you say.

    http://www.giwersworld.org/hidden/ if you want to see it finished. BTW:
Also my first POV animation other than a couple of animated GIFs at
http://www.giwersworld.org/artsii/ This was more an exercise in learning how
to control things in the POV system.

    My previous experience was long ago with games for the Atari 800. There I
did things inside of control loops with units of distance per loop rather than
linear time. They are very different in how to think about doing things.

    The last two scenes were dance up into the sky and "The End." So they were
not on the order of more is better but needing to bring it to a conclusion
without cutting scenes -- although the longest one could be shorter.

    But the solution was rather simple, increase the antialiasing at render

    And once I did it, it was obvious. The MPEG has fewer changes from frame
to frame so the resulting animation is smaller.

    And not only a smaller file but higher quality result so it is
unquestionably worth the cost in render time.

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