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  Re: Dances with Droids is coming  
From: Matt Giwer
Date: 19 Nov 1999 23:49:33
Message: <38362864.6984FF1@giwersworld.org>
John VanSickle wrote:
> Matt Giwer wrote:

> >         Besides, you want to win something, average 9 entries and 6
> > winners. Sure improves the odds.
> It was a low number of entries because of the topic (Decay).  Robots
> are fairly easy to model with POV-Ray, so there'll be more entries.

	Ah yes, Rusty the Mailbot for Joe Rob Briggs. 

	I've checked back to previous competitions (love cablemodem!)
and 15 or so has been the max. 

	Not really serious on the reason. I used to freelance game
programs to COMPUTE! mainly for the Atari 800. About time I
regained the old skills and see what I can do here. 



Oh my God! They've rendered Kenny!

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