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  Re: What are you all using to make MPG's?  
From: Gimi
Date: 26 Jul 1999 19:21:13
Message: <379CED16.CF0E6EEA@psico.ch>
MANorton schrieb:
> Hi gang.  Well im really going to enter my first entry this round, but would
> like to know what you all are using to make your mpeg's?  Im using Blender
> and using mpeg_encode right now but I don't think I have the best settings
> yet. [...]

a mpeg encoder is fine, but if you want to get good
picture quality you won't get around a semi- or
pro-editing software like VideoWave or MediaStudio.

these are quite expensive, i know, but produce best
results and provide support for additional video
cards (an addon i do also recommend!)

i use povray to render still pictures (mostly 1280x1024)
and animations (normally 704x576 for videotape recording,
160x120 for preview mpegs; ok, these look lousy...).

the original video files are stored in a hw-encoded
mpeg format (i don't know any details, sorry) which
then play with an about 2MB/s rate and look quite good,
way enough for svhs recording anyway.

can your encoder create mpeg files as large as 704x576
pixels? - i don't think this is in the mpeg standard,
but i am curious.


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