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  Re: Any topic ideas?  
From: Chris Jeppesen
Date: 16 Mar 1999 01:22:23
Message: <36edf89f.0@news.povray.org>
Ulf Schreiber wrote in message <36E5E948.D395FEED@mails.at>...
>Mike Norton schrieb:
>> Hey, im racking my brains trying to figure out what to do for the comp
>> this round.  Has anyone got any spare ideas for gadgets and strange
>> objects?
>A mechanical raytracer would be nice...
You stole my idea!
>One of those old zigzag telescope arms with a button-switch tip, a
>magnification glass and an behind that an instant image camera, scans
>pixel by pixel, line by line a football hanging over a table. Of course
>the result shown at the end, composed of the photographs, is nothing
>than a mirroring sphere hovering over a checkered floor. Your animation
>will inevitely split the tracing communtiy into the black/white and the
>yellow/blue side, battling over the correct color of a checkered
I was actually thinking a mechanical projector of rays. It reaches out until
it hits an object, "feels" somehow the color and texture, points in the direction
of the reflection, and so on. If it needs to go through an object, it pulls out its
drill and makes a hole in the object to reach through.

Anyway, I thought of a better idea. I will see if I can implement it.

And it's definitely black and white. Go for photorealism! have you ever seen
a physical blue and yellow checkered floor?

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