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  Re: Any topic ideas?  
From: Jerry Anning
Date: 25 Feb 1999 14:43:17
Message: <36d59c41.2501643@news.povray.org>
On Thu, 25 Feb 1999 18:02:52 +0000, Mike Norton <man### [at] jpsnet>

>Hey, im racking my brains trying to figure out what to do for the comp
>this round.  Has anyone got any spare ideas for gadgets and strange

A sundial that works at night.  A steam powered horse.  Animate a
Jacquard loom.  One of those ornate clocks that put on a little show
on the hour.  Show the guts, of course.  A lab full of Tesla coils,
van de Graaf generators, Wimhurst machines, Jacob's ladders,  etc.  A
rustic still, fire blazing merrily under the boiler, cranking out the
'shine.  Animate the Schrodinger's cat experiment, or preferably a
more humane version.  Science teacher desk bric-a-brac: vane
radiometer, gold leaf electroscope, prism, Newton cradle, etc.
Combine them in some interesting way.  An orrery.  On a similar note,
a planetarium projector in operation.  An old fashioned
merry-go-round.  And/or steam calliope.  Or carillion.  A supernova
used as a cosmic cigar lighter.  Stories to fill out these ideas are
"left as an exercise".

Jerry Anning
clem "at" dhol "dot" com

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