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  Re: Any topic ideas?  
From: Ulf Schreiber
Date: 9 Mar 1999 13:36:33
Message: <36E5E948.D395FEED@mails.at>
Mike Norton schrieb:
> Hey, im racking my brains trying to figure out what to do for the comp
> this round.  Has anyone got any spare ideas for gadgets and strange
> objects?

A mechanical raytracer would be nice... 

One of those old zigzag telescope arms with a button-switch tip, a
magnification glass and an behind that an instant image camera, scans
pixel by pixel, line by line a football hanging over a table. Of course
the result shown at the end, composed of the photographs, is nothing
than a mirroring sphere hovering over a checkered floor. Your animation
will inevitely split the tracing communtiy into the black/white and the
yellow/blue side, battling over the correct color of a checkered



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