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  An important issue.  
From: Anthony Bennett
Date: 31 Jan 1999 21:25:26
Message: <36B511B8.710401A5@panama.phoenix.net>
Hi people! First off, I have never participate in the IRTC myself. And
secondly, I have a great deal of respect for the many distinguished and
capable artists and animators that fascinate us each time.

One thing has come to my attention though. The name of the competition
in itself is Internet RAYTRACING Competion, if I'm not mistaken, right?
Then how come (even thought it looks great) Pindrop won third place if
it was made using Blender? I thought Blender didn't do raytracing, as is
indicated in the specifications, and I quote:

- rendering in foreground with direct output
- it can be started with a single key press at any level
- three rendering layers: for solid, transparent and halo's.
- delta accumulation buffer with jittered sampling for perfect
- any resolution up to 4096x4096
- field rendering and pre-gamma correction for the best video output
- NO ray tracing!!!                                     <------- See???
- panorama rendering
- Plugins for textures and post production (disabled)

So what happened? How come you can participate in a raytracing
competition without a raytracer? I'm confused. Can someone explain this
to me?


PS If the author of Pindrop is reading: Great animation, sir!

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