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  Re: More on signature in animations  
From: Nieminen Mika
Date: 8 Nov 1998 14:01:17
Message: <3645ea7d.0@news.povray.org>
Lewis Sellers <lse### [at] usitnet> wrote:
: If you're so pro-DPMI then feel free to go hack on the source.

  If it compiles in UNIX with gcc, it should compile with djgpp as is. Unless
you have put some non-portable code in the source, which shouldn't be
necessary with this kind of utility. Making non-portable code with this
kind of programs is always a bad idea.
  It's cool to receive a mail saying "I compiled your triangle mesh smoother
in my macintosh with no problems", specially because I have never used a
macintosh and have absolutely no idea about coding for it... :)

                                                           - Warp. -

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