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  Re: More on signature in animations  
From: Lewis Sellers
Date: 7 Nov 1998 19:28:55
Message: <3644E592.F538C908@usit.net>
Nieminen Mika wrote:
>   16-bit problems? What 16-bit problems? There are no 16-bit problems in
> DOS programs: just use the right compiler. Why you should get any problems
> with 16-bit limits when you can just download a proper compiler with no
> limitations and which makes programs in full 32-bit protected mode?

Because the big 10-pound Borland c++ 4.52 box was the most handy DOS
complier around at the time?
I've used watcom and djgpp before, but that was ages ago and they
weren't laying around my machine at the time.

If you're so pro-DPMI then feel free to go hack on the source. It's
posted in.... um, binary.utilities. imprint.c is the name. A quick dirty
hack from some .bmp/.pcx utilities I apparently make in '95. It almost
works. I started to convert it to 32-bit before x-files came on, but ran
into some struct align probs. Don't feel like downloading all the djgpp
docs to force it to comply. I'm tired. Have fun. :)


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