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  Re: More on signature in animations  
From: Nieminen Mika
Date: 6 Nov 1998 05:03:26
Message: <3642c96e.0@news.povray.org>
Lewis Sellers <lse### [at] usitnet> wrote:
: posting it somewhere here to let other people more familiar with DOS
: 16-bit oddities have a go at debugging. :)

: If it wasn't for 16-bit probs, I'd have already had her done. 

  16-bit problems? What 16-bit problems? There are no 16-bit problems in
DOS programs: just use the right compiler. Why you should get any problems
with 16-bit limits when you can just download a proper compiler with no
limitations and which makes programs in full 32-bit protected mode?
  For an example, see my targa averager (http://iki.fi/warp/PovUtils/average/).
The source code is pure ANSI C, compilable in any system. It includes a DOS
compile which have no problems (it works in 32-bit pmode). I didn't have to
make any change to compile it on UNIX or DOS. And of course the program
(at least in some average modes) reads big images completely into memory
(if there is enough ram available; if not, it uses a slower
scanline-by-scanline algorithm).
  I will probably add a feature to the program which allows to make the
thing requested in this thread... some day :)

  If you don't have any proper compiler for dos, try:


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