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  Re: More on signature in animations  
From: Mike Weber
Date: 5 Nov 1998 15:52:53
Message: <36421025.0@news.povray.org>
I thought about it myself.  I think what I need to do is write a small
Windows program that I can specify the command line, name of the files to
annotate and indicating the start and stop numbers.  I have image001.tga
image002.tga...image 360.tga  and shell out to DOS to have it run.

Lewis Sellers wrote in message <3641F9EA.36C9F5C0@usit.net>...
>Mike Weber wrote:
>> I'm back for the search again.  I really don't want to use the examples
>> people
>> have been discussing on using the text feature of POV to put my name in
>> work.
>> I found ImageMagick, but it doesn't work nicely in DOS.  The command for
>> annotation
>> is so long that DOS limits the amount of text at the prompt.  So then I
>> it in a
>> batch file, but since ImageMagick says to use image%03d.tga for a series
>> files,
>> DOS interprets the %0 as a variable - basically it just doesn't work.
>> now I'm
>> searching again for something that will place text in a series of images.
>> Any other recommendations anyone??
>> Mike
>Well, I could I suppose code something in c. I guess. Been a while since
>I've done DOS and all that segmentation [censored] though. :) far
>pointers. huge pointers. yuck.
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