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  Re: Anoying glitch  
Date: 5 Jun 2011 01:30:01
Alain <aze### [at] qwertyorg> wrote:
> I have a strange glitch here. Using 3.7 RC2 on Windows XP French.
> Some times, my keyboard get switched to azerty instead of qwerty, but
> ONLY in POV-Ray's builtin editor. If I open any text editor/treatment
> software, it correctly use the correct qwerty layout.
> I've not been able to track down what is causing this. One time, one
> line was correct, hit "Enter" to get to the next line, and the layout
> got changed.
> My default, and only setup, is: Français (Canada) Canadien multilingue
> standard.
> Alain

Set it to US English, it should be able to keep the QWERTY layout then.

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