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  Re: Rendering 20500 POV Files  
From: Stephen
Date: 29 Jul 2013 12:05:10
Message: <51f692b6$1@news.povray.org>
On 29/07/2013 4:29 PM, Peter wrote:
> Stephen, (sorry I refereed to you as Alain last post...  misread the post in my
> haste earlier!).

Not the worst thing that I have been called. ;-)

> Your suggestion works great with these changes:
>   Input_File_Name = animate_00000.pov
>   Output_File_Name = animate_00000.bmp
>   Initial_Frame = 0
>   Final_Frame = 999999
>   Subset_Start_Frame = 0
>   Subset_End_Frame = 20501
> However, the output files aren't (for example) animate_00000.bmp its
> animate_0000000.bmp... seems to be adding zeros to the front (2 I think a I just
> did a test with 10 files... I'm guessing if I set it up for the entire
> simulation it will add 5 zeros). Is there someway to have it not add padding
> zeros (as they are not needed since the input files are already labelled
> accordingly).

The only way that I know of is to reduce the number of digits in 
I would be more concerned about using BMP files with the number of 
frames that you are using. BMPs are uncompressed and you will eat a lot 
of HDD space. Why not try PNGs?
Output_File_Type = N

And don't forget to use Continue_Trace=1
In case your machine crashes or you stop the render partway through the 

> Thanks again for your help,

Only too pleased to pay back some of the help I've had over the years. :-D

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