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  Re: povr features required in official  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 3 Mar 2023 05:57:43
Message: <6401d2a7$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/3/23 03:38, Kenneth wrote:
>> Hmm. I'm pretty sure AA modes 1 & 2 stop working completely after frame
>> 2 or 3. It's running, but it doesn't do anything after a while because
>> the internal box sizes shrink on every recursion and never get reset.
> I had to double-check this, to prove it to myself 😉  It does seem to be
> working OK.
> I let my animation cycle for several minutes(!), with a '20-camera animation'.
> The attached images are screenshots of 'camera 19', then blown up 200%.

OK. Thanks!

I'll put it on the list to again review in povr. I'd first noticed it 
with povr's, again truly random jitter with and big jitter values (>1). 
Maybe I did something which caused the problem while banging on code! Or 
maybe the windows version is for some reason different - in official 
POV-Ray code, RTR doesn't work on unix/linux machines.

Hmm, I got the compiles set now to turn off the duplicate vector zeroing 
on allocation. Maybe the duplicate zeroing was covering some other 
behavior as I've found quite a few times already. To test such thoughts 
is why there is the povr configure option:

--enable-vector-zeroing enable old, nearly always unneeded vector zeroing.

Bill P.

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