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  UberPOV stand-alone installer released  
From: clipka
Date: 26 Jul 2014 04:31:50
Message: <53d36776@news.povray.org>
UberPOV now has its own installer! Yay!

 From now on, UberPOV will come in two flavors:

- The classic version (e.g. that comes as a raw .exe to 
be dropped into an existing installation, and shares POV-Ray's entire 
ecosystem of sample scenes, include files, settings and what-have-you.

- A ".stalone" version (e.g. coming as a 
full-fledged installer, to set up its own ecosystem and neither require, 
nor mess with, any existing POV-Ray installation.

I'd be happy if some people would give the ".stalone" installer a test 
drive; you can download it from here:


(Aside from being available as a stand-alone version, beta.7 should be 
virtually identical to beta.6.)

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