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  When will the new MORAY be out?  
From: Deadhead DMT
Date: 12 Jul 2007 12:35:01
I know you all have obtained the Morary license now.  I have been using
moray for many many years....  but my newest computer (windows XP) seems to
have problems with it and it will crash periodically.   I am hoping the new
POV-Moray version will correct this, but WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASE?  Is there
anything we can do to help accelerate the release?

I cannot afford high priced commercial 3D editors, and I love doing 3D
graphics, but I need the tools to do that....  I know I could do the work
with POV alone, but I am much more of a visual graphics artist rather than
a code-based graphics artist...  it just takes me too long to try to do any
type of graphic using only the POV program....  I NEED some sort of 3D
modeling front end that will access POV's power.....  the MORAY program has
provided me wonderful graphic creations in the past and I want to be able to
continue to utilize POV through it.....

Please!  When will the MORAY program be finished?????

Thank you in advance, please advise....


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