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  Re: loss of color coding in editor  
From: clipka
Date: 21 Sep 2011 17:23:30
Am 21.09.2011 15:29, schrieb Bolek:
> clipka<anonymous [at] anonymousorg>  wrote:
>> Am 20.09.2011 17:45, schrieb Bolek:
>>> I've lost the color coding in the editor. ...>
>>> Try the following: Open the "Window Properties"  - on the "Language/Tabs"
> tab, verify that "Language" is set to "POV-Ray...
> Thank you. That was my problem, it was not set to "POV-Ray."

FYI, POV-Ray stores the "Language" setting on a per-file basis (for the 
most recently opened files), so if you had this problem with more than 
one file you will need to re-set the setting for each one individually.

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