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  How to estimate the radius of a Glow? (Message 1 to 2 of 2)  
Subject: How to estimate the radius of a Glow?
Date: 1 Dec 2016 13:19:27
Message: <1514425302.502290639.855319.gdsHYPHENentropyAThotmaolDOTcom@news.povray.org>
This question is a little tough to properly form, because of the nature of
Glows, and I think I know the general shape of the answer, just not the

What I want to do is determine the radius of the Glow, which would
obviously have to be predicted on a threshold which I would provide which
would establish where I define the Glow to "end", so would have to be some

Lets assume I have one (I don't) for the sake of argument, and it would
take the form of a certain percentage of the intensity at the origin.

For each of the Glow types, what would the formula be?
If I had the falloff formula for each in a concise form my question would
be largely resolved.

The reason I want this is:
1) To be able to control the apparent height of an object which has a Glow
at the endpoint
2) For constructs which utilize Glows as vertexes, so suitable offsets for
the objects radiating from the Glow origin work correctly.


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Subject: Re: How to estimate the radius of a Glow?
Date: 3 Dec 2016 10:18:41
Message: <70635775.502452961.733368.gdsHYPHENentropyAThotmaolDOTcom@news.povray.org>
Just so you know I an aware of the glow radius value but it won't work for
what I need; type 0 with a certain set of values gives me 0.0625 * glow
radius for apparent radius in which to bring an object so it looks correct,
but I want a way to make an macro based on the glow formula so I cn
automate this.


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