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  Re: Semiregular pattern doodles  
From: Droj
Date: 18 Jun 2023 14:45:00
Message: <web.648f4f37f1e84230e68157b63b2af915@news.povray.org>
William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:

> The recent L-Systems posts, reminded me of a rough idea I've had banging
> around in my head for a long while. One of building up isosurfaces based
> upon chained dependencies to some depth. Similar I think to your direct
> dependency on f_noise3d but, more like:
> If stage one trunk covering location B12, use this stage two branch
> function and so on. Perhaps also making adjustments to each stage's
> behavior based upon the "test location's" inside values.
> Practically, I doubt we could get very deep at acceptable performance
> but, who knows. Maybe, deep enough to create simple branched plants or
> the like. Anyhow, someday I hope the idea bubbles to the top of my "play
> with it" list...
> Bill P.


that's what L-Systems is all about, at least what P. Prusinkiewicz has published
about the growth of plants and trees

The syntax of L-Systems is 'alien' - to put it mildly - but to create patterns
or simple branched trees or plants in 2D - that's the easy part of the game.
The tough part and where I'm stuck now is to persuade Povray to produce
something in 3D. That makes my tiny brain burn.

@BE Sorry for misusing your threat to keep the L-Systems banners high.
Love your semiregular pattern doodles.
Here a regular pattern doodle - of course L-System!


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