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18 May 2024 05:39:32 EDT (-0400)
  Why is radiosity importance set in the default{} block?  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 17 Jan 2024 03:29:27
Message: <65a78fe7$1@news.povray.org>
Does anyone know why the global 'radiosity { importance <float> }' 
setting ended up in the default{} block rather than in 'global_settings{ 
radiosity {} }' block along with the other global radiosity settings(a)?

I'm likely going to dump the 'default{}' block altogether in my yuqk 
fork(b). Not much in the way of doing it - except, there is this global, 
radiosity, importance option sitting in there. It seems out of place to 
me and I don't immediately see a reason for the set up in the internal 

Am I missing reason(s) it made sense for this importance option alone of 
the global radiosity settings to be in the default{} block?


Bill P.

(a) - Or, as one of the effective ini / flag radiosity globals?

(b) - There are too many side-effects to having 'major version defaults' 
which are not in fact fixed version defaults.

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