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  Re: Semiregular pattern doodles  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 17 Jun 2023 09:50:43
Message: <648dba33$1@news.povray.org>
On 6/16/23 20:37, Bald Eagle wrote:
> RL has had me wrapped up in a bunch of things, some very good, some very bad -
> but to kick back and relax, I was looking through some search results for videos
> to entertain/inspire, and I came across an introductory Shadertoy video where
> they make a grid of circles of random sizes.

Real life is keeping me busy of late too.

Cool post. The squares reminded me of the Irregular_Bricks_Ptrn() macro 
shipped with textures.inc - excepting the latter has somewhat obvious 
symmetry. See attached image.


The recent L-Systems posts, reminded me of a rough idea I've had banging 
around in my head for a long while. One of building up isosurfaces based 
upon chained dependencies to some depth. Similar I think to your direct 
dependency on f_noise3d but, more like:

If stage one trunk covering location B12, use this stage two branch 
function and so on. Perhaps also making adjustments to each stage's 
behavior based upon the "test location's" inside values.

Practically, I doubt we could get very deep at acceptable performance 
but, who knows. Maybe, deep enough to create simple branched plants or 
the like. Anyhow, someday I hope the idea bubbles to the top of my "play 
with it" list...

Bill P.

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