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  Re: Can we eliminate colour banding?  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 19 Aug 2020 11:45:39
On 8/18/20 11:51 AM, Kima wrote:
> Do I miss something?

Perhaps. In an earlier post I mentioned using POV-Ray (v3.8 preferably) 
as a viewer for high depth (>8 bit per channel) images because it 
dithers the preview screen. Look in povray.unofficial.patches for a post 
about a pgm depth map patch. At the bottom of that post is code for a >8 
bit pgm POV-Ray viewer which could be modified for png or whatever.

I expect there are some image viewers that can internally dither >8 bit 
depths before display, but I've not run across one (I'm on linux/rasbian 

Various external image manipulation tools can dither >8 bits too.

If you want to view images in typical web/display environments, I 
suspect you'll get better, non-banding results with 8 bit dithered 

Bill P.

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