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From: Alain
Date: 25 Mar 2018 21:41:30
Le 18-03-24 à 01:20, Sven Littkowski a écrit :
> Here you are! I am looking for hours deep into the scene, and did not
> even see that the "else" where without that number sign! But now i
> wonder, why sometimes the scene was still rendered despite of the
> missing number sign. What is the meaning of "else" without that sign,
> and with that sign?
> Thanks a lot, now i can sleep in peace. :-)
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You use "now" when seeding your random stream. That mean that you can 
take different paths from render to render.
One time, you hit a problem spot, the next, you pass beside it.
If the condition is false, the error is missed in this sample :

  >do something<

Whenever A is NOT less than B, you go directly to the #end statement and 
miss the error. The whole construct is effectively treated as a comment.

If A IS less than B, you get hit by the error.


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