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  Re: Commenting on entries  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 22 Feb 2005 17:25:06
Message: <421bb142$1@news.povray.org>
Jeremy M. Praay wrote:
> Just a thought:
> The IRTC has a way for just about anyone to post comments on a particular 
> image (though perhaps they have to be registered).  I (and many others) have 
> generally found such comments to be helpful.  I think it would be nice to 
> add that feature to the POVCOMP entries, but I have no idea how much trouble 
> that would be.
> Thanks.

My expectation is that it will garner the usual "great image!" "dude, 
your image rocks!" sort of thing.

I remember when I think it was Renderdog that spearheaded an attempt to 
talk about images during the "technology" round, that I picked up on. 
It was a very exhausting exercise.

Which, btw, thanks to the judges for making comments on the images. 
Even if brief, and technical in nature, it is still a difficult thing to 
do for more than a handful of images, and I, for one, appreciated the 
effort that was made.

I don't know Jeremy, this group seems as appropriate a place as any. 
Maybe start a thread "What image has meaning for you and why?"

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