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  Withdrawing .. darn it  
From: John D  Gwinner
Date: 1 Feb 2005 03:02:41
Message: <41ff37a1$1@news.povray.org>
Well, I just missed the deadline - when I started to type this, there were 
22 mins to go or so, but at line 440 out of 571 to go ... obviously, it's 
not going to make it.

Rats.  I'm sooo frustrated.

Well, there were a few errors in the image anyway, my radiosity settings 
interferred with my terrain and washed it out so the impact wouldn't have 
been there.  Same terrain I've been using for 3 weeks, but I fiddled with 
the texture in the last 3 days and apparently it didn't work with radiosity.

I think I ran into a bug with fog 2 that's different than the known bug, 
I'll try and duplicate it.  Probably I messed up the SDL.

The worst, however, was two multiple crashes of MegaPOV on the scene at 
about halfway through, this afternoon.  After attempting to continue with 
POVRay, it worked, but scrambled the top half of the image, and I was scared 
to mess with it.  After looking at it just now, it appears the file saved 
was correct, so it must be a display bug with +C switching between MegaPOV 
and POVRay.  I'll post the crash address if I can find it.  I was SO happy 
yesterday as I went to sleep and started the final image ...  well, clearly 
I should have started earlier.

I had a few test runs that weren't too bad (not as much detail) but I hadn't 
saved the detail zoom in so I would gather I can't post them anyway.  Next 
time, I'll do complete dry run before the final image 'just in case'.  If 
there is a next time ...

oh yea, 4 mins to go and line 456 out of 571 ... there it goes, 00:01.  :(

        == John ==

Download 'MegaPOVCrash.txt.dat' (17 KB)

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