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  Re: trivial modifications of pre-existing works  
From: Jeremy M  Praay
Date: 1 Jan 2005 12:15:30
Message: <41d6dab2$1@news.povray.org>
"Warp" <war### [at] tagpovrayorg> wrote in message 
> Greg M. Johnson <gregj;-)565### [at] aolcom> wrote:
>> I was all excited about maybe submitting 2 or 3 entries, and then I saw
>> these words and got a horrible sinking feeling.  Everything I do is a
>> trivial modification of existing work.  But on the two tracks I'm
>> considering, I've easily spent a man day on the changes.  Any thoughts?
>  It means that you are not allowed to take a scene you made last year,
> perhaps change the color of a couple of objects in the scene and submit
> that as an entry to the competition.
>  If you base your entry on an old scene of yours but you radically
> improve it, I believe it's acceptable.

That's the way I believe it was intended.  Basically, they just don't want 
people re-hashing old IRTC entries with only slight modifications, simply in 
order to fit within the rules.  If you use pre-existing objects, simply 
mention that they were pre-existing and what changes (if any) you made to 
them.  It will be considered in the judging.

When the competition was extended, I think they made it more clear that 
"incredible image" would be the largest component of the judging.  If you 
look at Gilles' "The Wet Bird" (always a good example ;-) ), he made 
extensive use of 3rd party models.  Would such an image have a chance at 
winning POVComp?  I'm pretty sure that it would, however if someone else had 
produced exactly the same image, but hand-created all of their models during 
the competition, they would gain the edge.

At least that's the way I see it.  Currently, I've created most of the 
models in my entry specifically for the competition, even though I could 
have used 3rd-party models for some things, simply because early-on, I 
believed that was the larger intent of the competition.

Again, I can't say exactly how the judges will judge, other than what is 
already said on the POVComp site, but that's my personal take on the matter. 
As always, I could be wrong.


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