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  Re: Competition status  
From: Jeremy M  Praay
Date: 23 Oct 2004 17:03:04
Message: <417ac708$1@news.povray.org>
Wow.  That sure clears-up a lot of things...  Not an easy decision, indeed.

I'm somewhat surprised that there were so few participants.  It does make me 
think that many people didn't feel they had enough time.  However, now we're 
in a position where (as Bill P. mentioned) we've all run a marathon and now 
we're told that we need to run an extra 30 miles.  It's good news for my 
scene that I created, but on a personal level, such news is a little 
unsettling.  I hope this isn't the case (sincerely, I do), but I have to 
wonder if some people may give-up at this point.  I really hope that this 
encourages more participants, and not less.  At this point, even if someone 
was just now starting their image, they would still have 3 months, which 
isn't bad.

I'm planning to look on the bright side.  There were quite a few things that 
I wanted to do, but simply ran out of time.  I expected that.  I realized 
the time-constraints.  I'm quite hopeful that I can make a number of 
improvements to what I've already put together, including certain technical 
problems that I didn't notice until too late.

Once again, good luck to all!  And may "all" include more of you!


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