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  Re: Granite_21 macro - beta #1.6  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 23 Jun 2021 08:37:22
Message: <60d32b02@news.povray.org>
Op 22-6-2021 om 21:18 schreef Bald Eagle:
> Here ya go:

I started transposing your corrections to the docs. They make all the 
difference indeed. Writing correct English is a real challenge; 
notwithstanding the opinion of some. ;-)

I was aware of the lack of some definitions and better explanations but 
got lazy of course; I knew it would be thrown back at me later. ;-) 
Additional work to do here.

A couple of answers to your comments I can already make here:

"Now, you have
scale M_scale
rotate M_rotat
translate M_trans
Are these really necessary in the macro? "

They are not really essential for the macro indeed and could be left 
outside. However, I decided to keep them /inside/ the macro for a 
psychological reason: this way, the user will remain more aware of the 
changes he /forces/ on the granite.

"I think that an annotated diagram of the final texture should accompany 
this document, and perhaps
some specialized renders of the array results – showing how the texture 
elements correspond to the
array entries, especially the mask. "

Yes, I was thinking on the same lines here.

"Line 26: Why not just expand “Typ” to “Type”? "

Yes, of course.

"Line 391 – spelling “aligne” → align "

<grin> nice typo. Shows my French background trying to struggle to the 
surface when I am not looking. :-)


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